IHRACO Chairman

Dr. Ramesh Shah, Micro Artist

Chairman of International Human Rights & Anti Crime Organization (IHRACO)

A Micro Artist, Five world records INDIA Holder, Members of Guinness world records and International Human Rights & Anti Crime Organization (IHRACO) Chairman, Mr. Ramesh Shah specializes in Social Development. I want to promote efficient and effective giving that provides greater opportunities to the poor in India. My Vision is strong “giving” culture where Indians donate 1% of their income every year to give the poor a chance. A vibrant “philanthropy marketplace” to ensure that the most efficient and effective nonprofits get access to the most resources.

Ramesh shah (Micro Artist)
Samar nagar Colony
Ward no 46 Champasari Siliguri
Dist. Darjeeling West Bengal
E-mail :- Chairman@ihraco.org
Contact: - 9064436228
Website: - www.ihraco.org

Renowned micro artist Dr. Ramesh Sah has brought laurels to India in the world by achieving five world records in micro art.
115 maps of India on a grain of rice, map of the world on a grain of mustard and names of three oceans on it, 86378 times Ram Naam in pencil on a postal postcard, National Anthem, Janagamana, National song Vande Mataram on a rice grain , India ten times on a human hair, isn't it surprising, Dr. Ramesh Shah is rich in many such amazing feats.

Dr. Ramesh Sah lives in Samar Nagar Colony Champasari under Siliguri, West Bengal. Dr. Sah originally belongs Gopalganj district of Bihar. In 1950, his late father Mishrilal Shah had settled in Mirik Bazar under Darjeeling district of West Bengal in search of employment and remained there forever. Born on 6 December 1963, Dr. Ramesh Shah used to paint from the age of just five. People who have known him since childhood tell that as Dr. Shah grew up, he became proficient in painting. Apart from painting, he used to write in very small letters, which were difficult to read with the naked eye. He used to be a very patient and hardworking student since childhood. What did Dr. Ramesh Shah know that his small-letter handwriting would one day bring him fame as an eminent micro artist.

In 1977, Shah was a student of class VII. The exam was going on, that day there was a history paper, everyone was taking the exam as usual. The atmosphere was calm, after sometime teacher GN Pradhan caught Dr. Ramesh Shah chitting, the teacher was looking at the cheat in reverse but he could not understand what was written in that cheat. On enquiry, Dr. Shah told that a page of history has been written in a small piece of paper, the teacher's head was dizzy, he called some other teachers and showed Sah's exploits. All the teachers were astonished. Well, Sah was not punished but was scolded. It was just that the incident of that day changed the life of Shah.

After joining Darjeeling Government College in 1981, I got a chance to contact many good painters of Darjeeling. Seeing the painting of those people, a new enthusiasm was born in Shah. And he got to learn oil painting, modern art, etc. In 1982, a painting exhibition was organized in Darjeeling Bhanu Bhawan in which the big painters of Darjeeling district participated. And in that painting exhibition, Shah also got a chance. The exhibition was big, so the inauguration of that exhibition was done by the then Hon'ble Governor of Bengal, BD Pandey. Three fine art of Sah were given place in that exhibition. Seeing the pictures of Sah, everyone was appreciative.

After that, in 1983, once again I got a chance to participate in the exhibition, this time the exhibition was held in the Capital Hall of Darjeeling. Darjeeling Parvatiya Development Minister Dava Lama was the chief guest and was inaugurated with his hand.There also Dr. Shah's artworks were appreciated. He wanted to make a separate place in the painting field. In 1984, Shah moved to Kathmandu Nepal, where he started teaching Tibetan Art Thanka. Thanka is also a type of art which is associated with the biography of Lord Buddha. And this art is very much liked abroad. And it has to be read before making it. Colors have a lot of importance in this art and the subject matter has to be taken care of. While living in Kathmandu, he made many paintings, some were bought by foreign tourists and some were taken by some acquaintances of Kathmandu.

After spending seven months, Shah came back to Mirik, the beginning of the Gorkhaland movement. Sah had a sweet shop and had a Sunday market. At that time GNNF supremo Subhash Ghisingh used to come to Mirik to hold public meetings. And used to drink tea with his people sitting in Sah's sweet shop. From 1986 to 1988, the Gorkhaland movement was at its peak and the entire Sah family moved to Siliguri and settled in Matigara. The economic condition was dilapidated. During this, Shah's father died in 1988. The burden of the family fell on Shah's shoulder. Mother, sister and wife it became difficult to run a family of four. Sah started doing broom business. Dr Shah economic conditions was very bad during this time. Started selling brooms by going to places like Jalpaiguri, Cooch Behar, Dinhata, Baksi Haat etc. The condition had become very serious. While living in Matigara, Shah did not do any art from 1985 to 1993.

In 1994, Shah returned to his art field but this time as a micro artist, the story of his micro art is quite interesting. During the seventh examination, he was caught chitting, that chit was written in such small letters that the teacher could not read. Micro art may have been following them, having seen a man writing his name on a grain of rice on the side of a road in Kolkata in 1983. Just what was it, Shah decided to paint the grains of rice and started pursuing the desire to make a different place. but their time was not going well. Whatever happens, it happens on time. It was time to embellish the micro art. In 1994, for the first time, Dr. Shah surprised people by writing the names of fifteen singer artists of Hindi cinema on a grain of rice. After that, he never looked back. One blast after another. After that, by writing the names of forty seven councilors of the Siliguri Municipal Corporation on a single grain of rice, they claimed to be an accomplished micro artist. Shah's micro art work was first published by the Siliguri-based Dainik Basumati. Sah says that the night he was interviewed he could not sleep, eagerly waiting for the morning to be published as his interview was to be published in the newspaper. After that, Shah always started being in the discussion. They went on blasting one after the other in micro art. Dr. Shah says that 1994 proved to be very auspicious for him.

In 1999, when our brave soldiers were thrashing Pakistan in the Kargil war, on 20 July 1999, Shah took pictures of the entire Kargil war on rice grains to encourage the soldiers. And this artwork of Shah was highly appreciated, and remained popular.
In 1994, there was a controversy over the national anthem and the national song Vande Mataram, at that time on 13 August 1994, on a grain of rice, he expressed his support by writing the entire national anthem and the song Vande Mataram.

On September 11, 2001, when there were terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in the US, Shah came into the limelight by protesting against terrorism by drawing a picture of the tragedy of the World Trade Center on rice grains.Shah was awarded Shram Ratna Award for his special contribution in the field of micro art on 9th December 2001 at the International Conference of "Bhojpuri Vikash Parishad" in Ballia district of UP state. The list of Sah's artifacts is quite long, on 28 May 2003, Mount Everest World Conqueror Tenzin Norgay, Hillary and Mount Everest came into limelight by drawing on a grain of rice.

Dr. Shah did not stop here, on December 19, 2003, people had pressed their fingers under their teeth after seeing Shah's exploits. Shah had written India ten times on a piece of human hair. Shah had gone a long way in micro art. Each of his exploits was making headlines in the newspaper.In an attempt to establish better Indo-Pak relations, on 28 December 2004, he sent the world's smallest greetings card through Siliguri SDO to Pak President Pervez Musharraf.During the successful trial of Discovery, on August 10, 2005, Sah surprised the scientists of Discovery by drawing them on rice grains.The world's smallest telephone diary (10mm×10mm) was created on 10 February 2006. 25/3/2006 One hundred and fifty National flag on a grain of rice. By making, Shah had given the introduction of being a patriot. When the Taj Hotel was attacked on 16/62006, Shah raised his voice against terrorism by creating the scene of the terrorist attack on the Taj Hotel on his nails.Shah also keeps a close eye on international events. Along with pictures of the Iraq War.

In 2007, the scene of Saddam Hussein's execution on a grain of rice was successful in making headlines. Whether it is a matter of country or foreign matter, if the artist has raised that issue according to his own opinion, then it is bound to attract the attention of the people. During the voting for the Taj Mahal to be included in the Seven Wonders of the World, Shah on 2/7/2007 appealed to the people to vote by drawing a picture of the Taj Mahal on the nails.

7/8/2008 In order to build better India-China relations, Shah tried to convey a message during the Olympics held in China by creating many pictures and micro-models related to the sport.
13/8/2008 there was an influx of congratulations to Abhinav Brinda, who won the gold medal for India, where Shah was going to be behind, he congratulated Abhinav Bindra by making the world's smallest rakhi.
22/6/2008 the relationship between the Hill and the plains had deteriorated during the Gorkhaland movement, at which time Shah made an appeal for peace by drawing a picture.
On 9/6/2010, Sah displayed his fine art during the FIFA World Cup Football World Cup by making a one-inch FIFA World Cup of clay.
When the Babri Masjid was demolished, communal harmony was in danger, an atmosphere of anarchy prevailed. On 30/9/2010, Shah made an appeal to the people of the country to maintain peace by drawing a picture of Babri Masjid on the nail. Which became very popular in the media world.
7/11/2010 During US President Barack Obama's visit to India, Shah tried to convey a message by drawing a portrait of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama on his nails to strengthen Indo-US friendship.
When Assam was disturbed, on the occasion of 15th August on 14/8/2012, an appeal was made for peace in Assam by making a picture of Gandhiji on the nail.
On 8/12/2013, on the death of the great world leader Nelson Mandela, Shah paid tribute by drawing a portrait of Nelson Mandela on the nail.
On 1/10/2016, Sah saluted the army by drawing a picture of a surgical strike on a nail when Indian brave soldiers entered Pakistan by surgical strike and killed terrorists.
Our army took the revenge of the CRPF martyred in the 2019 Kashmir Pulwama terror attack. On 3rd March 2019, Shah saluted our army by drawing a picture on his nails in his own style on this historic event and killed three hundred and fifty terrorists by entering into Pakistan.

In 2019, Indian scientists had widened the chest of the country. Chandrayaan 2 succeeded in landing Vikram on the Moon. On this historic day, Shah congratulated the scientists by drawing a picture of Chandrayaan landing on the moon on 6 September 2019.

The issue of five hundred years old Ram Janmabhoomi has finally been resolved by the Hon'ble Supreme Court. 5 August 2020 was an auspicious day for the country. On that day the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, was going to perform Bhoomi Pujan for the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya. On such an auspicious and historic day, where was Dr. Shah going to stay behind, he created a panic by drawing a very beautiful grand Ram temple on his nails. And it was prominently published in the media.

After that, Shah once again hoisted the flag of success on 15 August 2021, he surprised the world by making the tricolor of India on a small piece of human hair.

In the month of August 2001, with the help of the then Minister of State for Communication Tapan Sikdar, an exhibition of micro art of Shah was organized at Talkatora Stadium in Delhi, in which the Minister of Tourism and Culture Respected Ananth Kumar, Shatrughan Sinha, Rita Burma, Santosh Kumar Gangwar about two dozen More than MP ministers had participated. Everyone liked Dr. Sah's artworks a lot. Dr. Shah has almost two thousand rare micro art which is on the verge of destruction. In 2008, Darjeeling MP Dawa Narbula applied to the central government to set up a micro art museum in Siliguri. And the government had also accepted the application but due to lack of land, this project could not be passed. In 2009, Dr. Shah had applied to the West Bengal government to provide land. The district Magistrate of Darjeeling had issued orders to the land department to provide land for the micro art museum, but the land department ignored this order. Later, as per the suggestion of the land department, Dr. Shah applied for a lease on his own Four Katha vest land. But till now no action has been taken. Apart from this, former President of India, Late Pranab Mukherjee, former Chief Minister of Delhi Late Shila Dixit, former Tourism Minister of India Late Jagmohan, former Indian cricket team captain Kapil Dev, Saurabh Ganguly, politician Amar Singh, Film star Shahrukh Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Jaya Prada , Singer Late Manna De, Bappi Lahiri, etc. Celebrities have appreciated Shah's artwork. But the sad aspect of micro artist is that till now Shah has not been given any respect from the state government or the central government.

Dr. Ramesh Sah is also a big name in social sectors. At present, he is the founder and national chairman of the International Human Rights and Anti-Crime Organization. Under his leadership IHRACO is serving twenty four states of the country. In view of Dr. Sah's contribution in social sectors, various non-governmental organizations have been honored from time to time. In the year 2019, Doctorate degree has been given by the University of New Jerusalem Medical College and Hospital in Vellore under the state of Tamil Nadu. Similarly, Shri Shah has received many such honors such as Banga Gaurav Samman, Kanu Ratna Samman, Bhumiputra Samman, Peace India Icon Samman.
Similarly, the Hindi language is neglected in Bengal. Many people in Bengal have been awarded with Bang Ratna, Bang Bhushan etc. Those who have been honored by the Bengal government, do not know what is the contribution of those people towards the state or the country, but if we look at the history of Dr. Ramesh Sah, then Sah has dedicated his life to the country. Such artist should get respect from the government.

Deepak Gupta, Advocate
Siliguri Court
District Darjeeling
West Bengal

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Mr. Manoj Tiwari

Hono'ble MP, Bhojpuri Actor & Singer

Mr. Ramesh Shah With Mr. Santosh Suman

Hono'ble Former Chief Minister of Bihar

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Dr. Pranab Mukherjee

President of India

Mr. Ramesh Shah With Mr. Kapil Dev

Indian Cricketer and Ex. Capetian of the Indian National Team

Mr. Ramesh Shah With Mr. Ananth Kumar

Union Cabinet Minister, Tourism and Culture from 2001 to 2003

Mr.Ramesh Shah,Mr.Ananth kumar,Mr.Santosh Gangwar(MOS)

Union Cabinet Minister, Tourism and Culture from 2001 to 2003

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Mrs. Sheila Dikshit

Chief Minister of Delhi, from 1998 to 2013

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Mrs. Shilpa Shetty

Indian film Actress

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Mr. Shah Rukh Khan

Indian film Star

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Mr. Mukul Roy

Member of Parliament

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Mr. David Berry

Chairman of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Mr. Manna Dey

Indian Playback Singer

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Mr. Jyoti Basu

Chief Minister of West Bengal State from 1977 to 2000

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Mr. Jairam Ramesh

Department of Commerce, from 2009 to 2011, Govt. of India

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Mr. Gautam Deb

Minister of North Bengal Development Department (NBDD) 2014

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Mrs. Jaya Prada

Indian film Actress and Politician (MP)

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Mr. Amar Singh

Uttar Pradesh was one of the leaders of Samajwadi Party (MP)

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj

Inspiration for the organization 'Manav Utthan Sewa Samiti'

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Mr. Sourav Ganguly

Indian Cricketer and Ex. Captain of the Indian National Team

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Mr. Raju Srivastav

Indian Comedian

Mayur Gangotri Dutta, Deputy Mayur Nantu Paul, SDO Siliguri

Mayur, Deputy Mayur, SDO Siliguri

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Mr. Shatrughan Sinha

Indian Film Star

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Australian Visitors

Australian Visitors at IHRACO Chairman's Home

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Mr. Bappi Lahiri

Indian Music Composer, Music Director, Singer, Actor and Record Producer

Mr. Ramesh Shah with MLA Sankar Malakar

MLA of Matigara-Naxalbari, Dist: Darjeeling

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Mr. Bhaichung Bhutia

Ex. Capetian of Indian football Team

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Mr. Rudranath Bhattacharya

Ex. MLA of Siliguri, Dist: Darjeeling

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Mr. Niraj Kumar Singh, IPS

Commissioner of Police, Siliguri 2015

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Mrs. C.S. Lepcha, IPS

Commissioner of Police, Siliguri 2016

Mr. Ramesh Shah with MLA Ashok Bhattacharya

Hon'ble Mayor of Siliguri Municipal Corporation, MLA Siliguri

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Hon'ble Minister Gautam Deb

North Bengal Development Minister, 2014

Ravindra Nath Thakur

Hill Village

Darjeeling Toy Train

Terrorist - Attack in Taj Hotel

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Media

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Media

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Media

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Media

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Media

Mr. Ramesh Shah with Media